As the Responsible Person it is important to demonstrate you have acted with due diligence to source a competent provider for these works.

The type and category of system you require should be determined a risk assessment and installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with BS 5839-1 fire detection and fire alarm systems for non-residential buildings or BS 5839-6 for residential buildings.

At BeSure Security Systems we are experts in fire detection systems and can provide the full range of services from design through to installation and on-going maintenance.

Fire alarms are important because they provide an early warning of a fire, allowing people to evacuate the building and call for emergency services before the fire becomes too large or dangerous.

This early warning can save lives by giving people time to safely exit the building and reducing the risk of injury or death from smoke inhalation or burns. Fire alarms can also help minimise damage to the building and its contents by alerting the fire department to the fire at an early stage, allowing them to respond quickly and contain the fire.

Additionally, fire alarms can help to mitigate the spread of fire to neighbouring buildings by activating early warning system.