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Fire Risk Assessment

5 Steps to Fire Safety Risk Assessments
  • 1. Fire Hazards
  • 2. People at risk
  • 3. Evaluate, and act
  • 4. Record, plan and train
  • 5. Review
Fire starts when heat (source of ignition) comes into contact with fuel (anything that burns), and oxygen (air). You need to keep sources of ignition and fuel apart.

How could a fire start?
Think about heaters, lighting, naked flames, electrical equipment, hot processes such as welding or grinding, cigarettes, matches and anything else that gets very hot or causes sparks.

What could potentially burn?

Furniture, rubbish and packaging could all burn just like more obvious fuels such us paint, petrol and white spirit. It is also important to consider wood, plastic, foams, paper and wood. Do the walls or ceiling have chipboard, hardwood or polystyrene? Check outside too.

Everyone is at risk if there is a fire.

You need to consider whether the risk is greater for some people because of when or where they work, for example night staff or because they are not familiar with the premises, such as customers or visitors. Disabled people, the elderly and children are especially vulnerable.


First, consider what you have discovered in step 1 and 2: what are the risks of a fire starting? What are the risks to people in the building and nearby?

Remove and reduce risk

How can accidental fires be avoided? Could a source of heat or sparks fall, be pushed or knocked into something that would burn? Could that happen the other way round?

Action must be taken to protect your premises and people from fire.


A record must be kept of any fire hazards and what you have done to remove or reduce them. If your premises are small, a record is a good idea. If you have five or more staff or have a licence then you must keep a record of what you have found and what you have done.


There must be clear plan in place of how to prevent fire and how you will keep people safe in the event of a fire. If you share a building with others, a plan must be coordinated with them.


You must ensure that staff know what to do in the event of a fire, and if necessary, ensure they are trained in their roles.

Regularly review your fire risk assessments as over time the risks may change.

If you identify any significant changes in risk or make significant changes to the plan, others who share the premises must be informed of the changes and re-train staff where appropriate.

Do you need more information?

You may need more information to complete your fire risk assessment, particularly if you have a large and complex premises. Please visit the series of guides produced for various different business sectors.

BeSure Security Risk Assessments

At BeSure we can help you carry out a fire risk assessment on your business premises. We can survey your property and successfully identify and fire hazards and risks, assess emergency escape routes, current fire detection equipment and make any recommendations to ensure that all fire safety legislations are complied with.


Fire Risk Assessments Maidstone

fire risk assesments Maidstone

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